English Tuition

Finding the right English tutor for your child can be a difficult task. The basic requirement is simple: tuition, delivered by a tutor that will motivate and inspire your child to reach their full potential. To achieve that is easier said than done!

At Kip McGrath – where we specialise in tutoring English – we have been working on it for over 30 years. We believe that to achieve the highest quality tuition, you need the following

  • An English tutor who is experienced, professionally qualified, and trained in providing high-quality tuition
  • A system of resources designed specifically for tutoring children in English, guaranteed to ensure that progression is made
  • A dedicated tuition environment (the education centre) where children are away from distractions and free to concentrate on their learning.

We help children in the following aspects of English:

All types of reading difficulties are catered for. These range from children who are virtual non-readers, to children who have only minor difficulties. Reading relates to every area of your child’s education, so if your child is weak in several areas we will usually suggest helping with reading first.

We cater for students who are in the early stages of spelling development, through to older pupils who have not yet developed spelling competencies. Not all children grasp spelling, as a skill they ‘pick up along the way’. Many need to be taught formally. A confident speller will also blossom as a better reader and writer.

English Grammar and Punctuation:
We assist students in improving their skills in grammar, punctuation, word knowledge, written expression and formal essay writing.